Frank Faruk Ceviz

Music Composer and Producer

Welcome to Frank Faruk Ceviz's official website! Here you will find a portfolio of his work as a highly accomplished composer, including his latest album "A Piece A Story" and his past compositions for film, TV, and other projects. With years of experience using technology to create music, Frank has a unique and original approach to music production, combining his knowledge of music technology, formal music education, and sound engineering to develop fresh and innovative methods for making music. With a rich educational background including a MA in Composing for Film & TV, BA in Music - Composition and BA in Music - Music Teacher & Classical Guitar, Frank continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in music production and composition. Explore the site to listen to his music, read about his background and accomplishments, and find out more about upcoming projects. Thank you for visiting!

"a piece a story" album

Reflective | Melancholic | Dreamy | Uncanny