Logic Pro Feature Requests

Request for Logic Pro Quick Sampler Feature to Delete Unused Samples between Highlighted Slices


Could you please add a feature that allows users to delete unused samples between highlighted slices?

Logic Pro Sampler Rename Feature for Easy Audio Sample Organisation


I suggest having a Rename feature that allows for easy renaming of audio samples based on the Key Map, especially for samples that were not named properly during the natural development process.

Adding a Single Scale Keyboard Interface to Logic Pro Note Repeater Plugin


The Logic Pro Note Repeater plugin is a useful tool for enhancing creativity in music production. However, it can be improved by adding a single scale keyboard interface underneath the plugin's parameters, similar to the Transpose plugin. This interface would allow users to filter out which notes the plugin will repeat, giving them more control over the effect.

Additionally, it would be helpful to include a feature for randomization. For instance, users could highlight notes in green to indicate that they should be repeated, and highlight notes in red to indicate that they should be subject to randomization. This would enable producers to create more interesting and dynamic musical phrases.

Improving Logic Pro Score: Adding Resize Options for Musical Symbols


I find Logic Pro Score to be an incredibly useful tool that I use frequently. However, I believe that it could be even better if it provided users with the ability to adjust the size of selected musical symbols for aesthetic or score layout reasons. While the existing "Resize Tool" is helpful, it has a drawback: after scaling a selected symbol, it returns to its default size when the user inserts it again.

To address this issue, I suggest adding a feature under the Event Section menu bar on the left (as illustrated in the picture) that would enable users to resize selected items as required. It would be even more helpful if Logic Pro Score could remember the user's size adjustments for each symbol and use them as the default size, rather than returning to the default size every time the user inserts the symbol.

Alternatively, another solution would be to include a section on "Score Project Settings" where the user could set a global size for all musical symbols in the score.

As shown in the example, the pedal symbols appear to be too large, and having a size resize option available would make it much easier for the user to adjust the size of symbols to their preferred size.

Proposal for Velocity Arrangement and Gap-Filling Feature in Logic for More Dynamic Sound Design

01/23/2023 08:50  AM
I would like to request the development of a feature in Logic that automatically arranges the velocity of samples assigned to a single key when a new samples is dropped onto the key. Additionally, the feature should automatically fill any gaps in the velocity range caused by the deletion or inserting of a sample within the key using available samples, allowing for more versatile and dynamic sound design. This feature would greatly enhance my workflow and add more creativity to my music production process."music production process. 

 Request for Logic Pro Sampler Feature: "Alternate Sample Playback

03/23/2023 8:36 AM
It would be great if Logic Pro Sampler had an option to alternate between samples assigned to the same key in the Detailed Section. While "Sample Select Random" is a useful feature, the ability to alternate between samples (like Round Robin) would significantly speed up the creative process. Therefore, I request the implementation of an "Alternate Sample Playback" feature in the Logic Pro Sampler.

Drag and Drop Instrument EXS Instrument Files

I would like to suggest a new feature for the EXS24 instrument in Logic X. Currently, accessing the EXS24 instrument requires users to navigate through the menu or use the "Load" function, which can be time-consuming and disruptive to workflow.

To improve the user experience and streamline the workflow in Logic X, I propose adding a drag and drop feature for the EXS24 instrument. With this feature, users could easily drag and drop EXS24 instrument files directly into the software, saving time and increasing efficiency.

I believe that this new feature would be well-received by the Logic X user community and significantly enhance the software's capabilities. Thank you for considering my suggestion.